Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Asking the Google Community

Google's Blogger website platform has at long last been updated, and we users are struggling with the changes. Luckily the users have an expert group - the Google Community - who collectively provide expert guidance for the questions.

I went around and around recently on the Google Community site, trying to find out how to "Create new" or "Compose" a new post. The interesting thing is that, to find out how to ask the Google Community how to create a post to ask a question, I had to go to Google and post "how to ask a NEW question of the blogger community".


The foremost post which came up was an answer to a spam Google Community post which ended up with an aside explaining how to another user how create a new post. We go to this link here (Google Support, 2020; Google Support, 2019), and fill out the form.

Perhaps a simple link in the header bar of the site had not occurred to anyone.



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