Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Cleaning up Facebook activity

In July of this year I posted on how to delete our old Facebook activity (here), but Facebook themselves moved on with new platform updates. There is now more data, easily available, which we can dump from our profiles, such as old searches, and the videos we have watched.

Why? Getting rid of this information helps to reduce FBs ability to target advertising to us, or to 'accidently' have a data breach to a marketing company with our preferences et cetera. 

In addition, the link to find our own FB activity is simpler. All we need to do is to log in to our Facebook account, copy the URL below, and simply replace the 'our-user-name' element of the URL with our Facebook user name, and we will be taken to a page which contains all our activity:[our-user-name]/allactivity
Then simply scroll down the links in the LEFT-hand sidebar, as shown in the accompanying image, click on the post you want to delete, and a grey circle with horizontal menu dots will appear. Simply click on that, and you will see the options available for that particular piece of data. For example, if we hover over a 'like', then we will see an option to "Remove reaction".

To misquote Hill Street Blues - for those of you old enough to remember it - let's be invisible out there.


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