Friday, 8 October 2021

CDANZ ethical toolkit

The thorny question of ethics is one that never leaves us in career practice. There are always shades of an issue which we have not yet fully explored.

However, in Aotearoa New Zealand, as in the USA (NCDA, 2015), we have a code of ethics put together by our local career practitioners (CDANZ, 2016a; CDANZ, 2016b). Further, our CDANZ members have also put together a kit of ethical tools on the CDANZ website (2021), the Pātaka Kōrero toolkit consisting of decision-making models, video resources, and readings. It is definitely worth a thorough look.

Even better, CDANZ has held webinars where our members have discussed a range of ethical dilemmas, and come to some conclusions. The webinar below is a key case in point that not all ethical issues are as clear cut as we would like to think! 

To have these resources available to us so we can think through scenarios before we get into a sticky situation is invaluable. It helps us to reach a determination beforehand, which means we can rely on our theoretical thinking about the 'right' way to approach this situation when we encounter it in the wild. Like firefighters rehearsing rescue before they go into a situation, considering ethical ramifications help us to shortcut our thinking, and mean we can reach a sensible decision more quickly.

And hopefully do a better job.



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