Friday, 30 March 2018

Blogger keyword search made simple

I discovered by accident today how I can limit a Blogger blog search to just the keywords. It has taken me a number of years to sort this out, of course, and I stumbled upon it entirely by accident.

The accident was in trying to provide a list of all my live blog posts which contained a particular keyword. I tried a few things like "label: [keyword]" and "tag: [keyword]" in the search box, but this didn't work. I think it only showed up items which contained the keyword AND the same in the text itself. Not necessarily a win.

However, in one of the posts which came up in one of my attempts, I clicked the keyword in the keyword list below that post. This returned me a search only on that keyword. Then I sorted by date, to get the list in date order. Yay! I had it!

But better still, I noticed that my blog's URL now had an extra stage: /label/[keyword].

So a keyword search is even simpler than that. All we have to do is to key "/label/[keyword]" onto the end of our blog address, and lo! We will have our keyword search anytime we want it. If this is a keyword phrase, we also key the gap between the words.

Who knew it would be so easy? I have a new shiny Blogger tool!


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